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From a young age, Jack Blackbourn was truly enchanted by magic, by the endless realm of the fantastic and that which defied explanation. As a young child growing up in Essex he eschewed computer games and football matches, Jack was more fascinated by card tricks and hypnotism. It was this focus that would see a childhood hobby grow into a passion and then a life’s work.

From the young boy wowing his aunties and uncles with card tricks to stages all over the world, Jack has spent years honing his craft. He has studied magic under many legendary performers, expanding his repertoire and becoming a master of hypnotism, mind reading and mentalism. His dedication to his craft has resulted in an array of plaudits, rave reviews and awards.

Jack prides himself on his flexibility and has garnered a reputation as a magician’s magician. He is as comfortable on stage as he is ‘table hopping’ at a private event. His charm and talent has won over audiences of all ages, including a wide array of celebrities.

Book Jack Blackbourn for your event and prepare to be amazed, entertained, mystified and enchanted.


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